Friday, December 4, 2009

thanksgiving camping/hunting trip and update lol

my husband and a friend of his set up a hunting camp and spent thanksgiving day thru that sat up on top hunting. the weekend before thanksgiving all three girls helped my hubby take some stuff up on the mountain. i didnt go this time..... maybe next year (tho i have been to the top three times this fall)! cheyenne, my youngest girl, did go and hunt/camp with them.

my husband was carrying a TON of stuff. it is a 3 hour hike without carrying anything. the girls were loaded down too.

this is on the way up and at the top. the views are awesome!

camp! its not set up they are just storing the stuff til the weekend.
cheyenne (in orange) and boo

tori sitting on the rock. and boo

tori (left) and boo (right)


s0, we are now in port arthur. i actually grew up in this area and have lots of family down here. not sure how long we will be here. could be a couple of weeks and could be a couple of months. but right now thats better than being in wisconsin :)

our first week here we are pretty much settling in. had our anniversary and lukes bday. been with family alot catching up. now we have snow! very unusual for this area.

today we decided, since we cant play outside (too cold), to build a ginger bread house.
my kids love doing this..... ok and i do too :)

complete! he wanted to eat it sooo bad. but i wanted his dad to see it. as soon as hubby got in luke yelled hey dad see my ginger bread house! hubby barely got out yea, and luke said can i eat it now? lol was too funny.

even the older ones enjoyed it!