Saturday, October 10, 2009

Are we ready for this adventure?


we still dont have the final word that we are going but it is very likely.... we should know in the next couple of weeks. 

we are SERIOUSLY considering renting a furnished house or apartment. so we dont have to pull the rv thru bad roads and dont have to worry about winterizing as i am just not sure we wouldnt freeze to death one night even after winterizing it. we dont want to tear up the rv.

if we do that we are gonna pull the goose neck and load the jeep, motorcycle, and two four wheelers on it. that way i dont have to drive my truck wich is a very lite two wheel drive, and i will have something to drive when we get there. the jeep is four wheel drive and i will be much more comfortable driving that. 

even if we rent an unfurnished place will be better than the rv i think. we even thought about staying home and just hubby going and staying in motel but the motel is just as expensive as anything so we might as well go too. 

i am actually looking forward to the time in wis. i think we will find lots to do and the experience will be awesome. the only draw back is that tori is now officially staying home... and we will NOT be able to come home for the holidays. we will most likely be there from just before thanksgiving til sometime in spring (april or may). so it will be hard to not be able to at least see her on the weekends when we would normally come home. i do feel better about leaving her if we take the jeep and leave my truck, just in case her truck doesnt start. she can spend the holiday with friends/church family they will love to have her as they consider her one of their kids. i dunno its a big adventure for sure, our family is changing..... and while i am not one to be mushy i really hate the thought of not sprnding Christmas with allll the family together (immediate family nt extended)