Wednesday, February 3, 2010

our week

not sure really where to begin lol. i have not done a good job with this blog so far.

we have been doing some hands on science, history, and bible. luke has really enjoyed it. especially the science. some of this is from this week and some from the last couple of weeks.

in history we have been studying about explorers. he learned the reasons for exploring, things they took with them, trials of exploring, etc.... he got to make some spice cookies, since spices were a reason to explore. we are now getting into ships and things they done on the ships. here he is learning to tie knots.

this is a small lap book showing the five reasons to go exploring. spices, riches, sharing gospel, find new land, and for adventure.

this is a lap book on the days of creation. these were his first lap books and first times using scissors. he did a really good job!

he always has his own thing going while we are doing school. so he mad a nice square with his map pencils lol.

this is an idea i got from some ladies at theres no place like home, homeschool forum. awesome ladies! we froze some toys in water and he got to chizel them out. it went great with our science experiment we did with ice cubes and measurements.

he loved these little foam things. they turned into a shark and manta ray. (i think thats the right term.)

oh! and he just finished up his hop reading for kindergarten. he did a great job. we have a movie and bowling day planned for friday to celebrate! he is stoked!


  1. Oh wow girl! You all have been so busy! I am so glad to see the activities you have been working on! EXCITING!

  2. Wonderful learning going on! I love the ice chiseling idea.

  3. What fun stuff! I want to do the frozen toy thing.